Code of conduct for authors

Duties and code of conduct of authors

  1. Author ensures that the manuscript submitted to MS was not published before and is offered to MS as to primary publication.
  2. Author informs the editor if the manuscript or substantial parts of it or the presented results have been published in a publication on a level of peer-reviewed journal or a book prior to submission to MS.
  3. Author must hold the copyright for the submitted manuscript.
  4. Author always fetches the written approval of the third parties if copyright to some parts of the manuscript is held by the third parties.
  5. Author declares the serious interest in publishing in MS by submitting manuscript to MS and shows readiness to grant the copyright to MS publisher on the moment of acceptance of manuscript for its publication.
  6. Author should state as authors all persons who had their share in authoring manuscript and/or research and should not state any persons who did not have their share in authoring manuscript and/or research.
  7. Author must not commit any plagiarism in submitting manuscripts to MS (e.g. ‘passing off’ another’s paper as the author’s own paper, copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of another’s paper without attribution or claiming results from research conducted by others). Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable. It will be judged as a reason for interruption of the review process and lead to immediate refusal of manuscript.
  8. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently (before obtaining acceptance/refusal note) constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable.