Medialní studia 02/2014

Mediální studia 02/2014 byla podpořena dotací Odboru médií a audiovize Ministerstva kultury ČR.


Martin Charvát:

Filmový obraz jako médium otřesu myšlení PDF

// Cinema screen as a medium of rupture in thought

ABSTRACT: The main objektive of the paper is to present cinema screen as a medium of rupture in thought. In this respect I refer to the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. In his writings about cinema, Deleuze says that after the Second World War the Italian neorealism came up with new concept of screen which he calls time-image. In the time-image is the main theme the time itself and we are exposed (as well as the actors in the film) to the purely optical and sound situation. These events lead to the sensomotoric break. The screen affects us and has the potential to produce a specific kind of “spiritual life” which exercises the highest activity of thought. But this highest spiritual activity is conditioned by the shock which is derived from the screen itself.


Karel Piorecký:

Amatérská literární fóra na českém internetu PDF
// Amateur Literary Forums on the Czech Internet Between democratization and dilettantism

ABSTRACT: Since the late 1990s the so-called literary servers on the Czech Internet have played a relatively important role both for the literary communication of emerging and amateur writers and for
general image of the interaction of digital and literary culture. The study analyses common structural characteristics of these Internet-based literary forums and the principles of the communication practices as they have emerged in communities arising at the individual forums. The medial characterization of the amateur literature on the Czech internet is presented in relation to the diachronic context of older publication forms designed for the beginning and amateur writers and in relation to the international context of the amateur literature on the Internet.


Jakub Machek:

Od Brousku ke Kurýru – česká cesta od lidového tisku k bulvárním deníkům na pozadí vývoje středoevropského tisku PDF
// From Brousek till Kurýr – the development of Czech mass newspapers from popular press to the illustrated dailies and its Central European preconditions

ABSTRACT: The aim of this article is to analyse the development of popular press in Czech lands in the second half of the 19th century and Fin de siècle period. Its progress is closely related to the development of distinctive kind of Central European mass pictorial press. Global patterns of successful mass daily press were adapted to address the Central European audience, its specific local beliefs, values and desires as well as political settings. During the analysed era, even the members of lower social classes broadened their economic and cultural potency and thus capacity to absorb the development of new common culture generated by the rapid industrialization and urbanization. The author demonstrates the way how publishers tried to capture a new urban audience, and their attempts to develop a formula how to inform, entertain and persuade their less educated and less experienced audience from lower strata. In the case of Prague popular press, the need to accommodate readers’ habits resulted in the nature of the newspaper’s stream of information and entertainment remaining halfway between the rural and the metropolitan, the traditional and the modern.



Roman Hájek, Sandra Štefaniková:




Michał Tkaczyk:

Jeremy Packer – Stephen Wiley (eds.). 2012. Communication Matters: Materialist Approaches to Media, Mobility and Networks. Routledge.

O možnostech materialistických přístupů ke zkoumání médií a komunikace. PDF



David H. Weaver a Lars Willnat: The global journalist in the 21st century. (Marína Urbániková) PDF

Stöckelová, Tereza. – Ghosh Abu, Yasar (eds):  Etnografie: improvizace v teorii a terénní praxi. (Jana Kubíčková) PDF